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Can you shower with contacts lenses in?

I am a current contact lenses wearer. Can I wear the contact lenses when I taking the shower? I have much work to do after the shower. If I take them off, then I must wear them again. So give me some suggestions.
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  • Daniel christian


    Dear friend, you'd better not to wear the contacts lenses when you are taking a shower. Your contacts lenses will be washed out easily. It will be difficult for you find out them on the ground. Though you have found them, they are polluted and are not suitable to put into your eyes again. Because this will lead to eyes infections.


    When you are taking the shower with your contacts lenses, you cannot avoid wetting your eyes. We both know that there are many contaminants in the water. They may be the sources of eyes infection. You can take the shower before going to bed with your work totally done. In this way, you can take your contacts off.
  • Rebecca


    Do not wear your contacts in the shower. Because tape water can harbor an organism called acanthamoeba, which can cause eye infection.
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