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Does visionworks accept vsp insurance?

Will visionwork accept my VSP insurance if i buy eyeglasses from them? Is not, Can you tell me where i can get eyeglasses with VSP insurance
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  • Jeff N


    Yes. i saw it at their sites that they accept VSP. They said that VSP will fully cover your eye health and vision exam in most of cases. They also signs that the Vision Service Plan contributes or subsidizes the purchase of your eyewear. And the Vision Service Plan is not an entitlement plan to people who need eyewear because of some eye disorder. So, you can have a try. Good luck.


    Sorry, I don't know whether the visionwork accepts the VSP insurance if you buy the eyeglasses from them. But the Walmart can allow you use the VSP insurance when you buy the eyeglasses there. However, you can call the visionwork and ask their clients whether they accept the VSP insurance as the method of payment.