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Does eyemasters accept vsp insurance?

Will eyemaster accept VSP insurance? I want to get a pair of eyeglasses from their with VSP.
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  • Gail


    I am not sure if eyemaster accept VSP. But i know that EyeMasters work with a wide variety of vision insurance companies to help people get affordable eyewear. And they carry eyeglasses, contact lenses and frames and other accessories. So, I believe Eye Masters will accept it. You can visit their sites and consult their stuff. And here is their sites:
  • candylips167


    About the question whether the eyemaster or visionwork accepts the VSP insurance as their method of payment, I am not sure. You can call their service department and ask the detail. But the Walmart allows this payment. That is why a lot of people with VSP insurance come to the Walmart to buy the eyeglasses.

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