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Are the Zara sunglasses reliable?

Yesterday I saw Zara glasses for 16 euros very nice, but my question is whether these glasses are like those of real markets or protect you from the sun without leaving you a fortune on a brand?
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  • 04/14/2012

    Probably, the quality of glasses Zara are below normal and are probably a fashion accessory and not a barrier against the sun.Usually, glasses of good quality which can protect you effectively may cost you 60 euros.If you want protection, go to the optical stores to select the sunglasses that can protect you from the harmful rays.
  • Caleb murphy


    As a matter of fact , Zara is one of the most renowned brands in the world. Founded in Spain in 1973, it now has got a wide range of products. So, as you can see, its price must not be quite low and if you see the bargain in on a internet, you should be careful, because sometimes there are fake products. Actually, the 16 euro Zara glasses might not provide the best function but their design is as good as real products. You cannot expect them to add nice lenses to the frames can you?
  • Luis williams


    You can have a try dude. Only 16 euros, mmm... I will have a try if I come across that occasion. Sometimes I don't care too much about the quality of the sunglasses I just want to buy a pair of nice and trendy sunglasses to decorate myself. I have bought two pairs sunglasses in physical shops. They are of good quality. But I just want more.
  • etje


    Maybe they are of poor quality. I won't suggest you to buy a pair of sunglasses with poor quality. Sunglasses with 100 UV protections can help block harmful UV rays. We all know that UV rays are harmful to our eyes. We may develop cataract or macular degeneration after too much exposure to sunlight. So we should choose the sunglasses that can help protect our eyes.
  • crush_star


    Sweetie, I am not sure this pair of sunglasses is of poor quality or good quality because I have never come across this kind of cheaper sunglasses before. But I have some suggestions for you. If you often do some shopping, you may know the original price of the sunglasses. If the price drop dramatically due to some activities or celebrations hold by this sunglasses store, you can buy them. But if you haven't seen this pair of sunglasses before and they only charges for 16 euros as they usually do, you'd better not jump the gun. Maybe the sunglasses are of poor quality.

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