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Any eye health tips for people who wana be pilots?

Anyone know tips, treatments, vitamins, exercises, foods to help keep vision strong and healthy or may be even improve it.
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  • Lynn Sherrill


    It is difficult to improve our eyesight. But lasik eye surgery can help correct many vision problems. You can have a try if you are a good candidate for lasik eye surgery. But I don't know whether there is some side effect after having lasik eye surgery. Maybe this job is not good for the people who had some kind of surgeries. You'd better consult some professionals for suggestions and advices.
  • exotic_scents


    Well, you can maintain the health of your eyes through forming a healthy diet. Many foods are rich in nutrients and vitamins. They are good for our eyes. Besides, there are some herbal remedies which can help maintain the health of our eyes too. You can have a try.
  • Kaylee tuener


    Besides perfect vision, people must meet other standards then he or she might become a pilot. Eye exercises can help relieve eye fatigue. They are good for our eyes too. But they can't help improve our eyesight.
  • Makayla


    I suggest you to stay away from computers and TV, and any other things that might impair your vision in your daily lives. It is good to view the green trees and green mountains in the outside other than stay at home and playing computer games or watching TV for a whole day. Besides, you can eat more fruits that are rich in vitamins. Vitamins are good for our eyes too.