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What is the difference between polarized sunglasses and others are not other than price ?

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  • 04/14/2012

    Protections part (which is most important, of course) if you try on a polarized and some that are not immediately noticeable.?With ordinary sunglasses, everything looks dark, as is always seen with dark sunglasses, but instead if they are polarized, you see everything much clearer, with more light, whether they are all black, it is like clear.?They are more expensive for something ...
  • cherrytop7


    Polarized sunglasses can filter glare. Regular sunglasses can't filter glare. We know there are harsh glare on the surface of water or a smooth road. Polarized sunglasses can filter them and provide with clear vision.
  • cecil


    I found this on Wikipedia. It is said that the lenses of polarized sunglasses can help reduce glare reflected at some angles off shiny non-metallic surfaces such as water. Fishermen can see into water after wearing them. Usually only glare would be seen if they don't wear a pair of polarized sunglasses. It is said that the glare is neutralized by blocking the vertical (magnetic) components of light. But I still don't know how it works. If you want to know whether your sunglasses are polarized sunglasses or not, you can rotate the lenses of the sunglasses, they will dark your vision if you put them in a right angle.
  • handxrxtied


    Polarized sunglasses can filter glare. You can have a try and then you can know this very well. You can wear a pair of regular sunglasses in the outside in a sunny day and then take them off and put on a pair of polarized sunglasses. Then you can feel the difference between these two pairs of sunglasses.

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