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Where can i find a custom sunglass site?

You remember those novelty "X-Ray Specs" glasses from back in the day? If ya do, im trying to get a pair of real sunglasses that look just like those. I know its possible, ive seen sunglasses with the lenses painted over, but you can still see clearly. I just havent been able to find a place that would make them.
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  • equine_world


    The lenses can be tinted while you can see through the lenses. I don't know which kind of sunglasses you want. But I think you can get a pair of that kind of sunglasses if you find the frame that you like. Many online optical stores can make that kind of sunglasses for you. But you still need to describe what frame you like and what kind of lenses you want. Hope this helped!
  • walkentall


    I have bought 3 pairs of glasses from Firmoo. One of them is at a discount. And I get one coupon. So in all, they helped save my money. Plus, the glasses online are very cheap. My sunglasses have tinted lenses. They are also polarized lenses and with 100%UV protection. They look beautiful. I love them very much!
  • Jerry H.


    Dude, there are so many online eyeglasses stores. You can choose any one of them to make a pair of custom sunglasses for you. The sunglasses sold online are much cheaper than that sold in any physical shops. And the prescription sunglasses will be more expensive than non-prescription sunglasses when they are made by the same material. Besides, the sunglasses with UV coating will be more expensive than the sunglasses that don't have this coating. In all, I still suggest you to buy a pair of polarized sunglasses with 100%UV coating. They can better protect your eyes. Good luck!
  • Tessence


    Well, there are many big eyeglasses stores all over the world. If you want to buy a pair of sunglasses with good quality, you can have a look in any physical shop such as Gucci, Cartier etc. if you want to buy them online, you'd better buy them in official website because the quality of the products are more dependable.