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Humaizara Nijamudeen


Eye inflammation

I got blurred in my right eye. I went to the doctor he told me that I got eye inflammation. It's for more tan one week. But I using eye drops last two days every hour. But my eyes still blurred is it common? Doctor told me to use the drops for 6 weeks. Am afraid to this problem. It will affect my vision?
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  • Alexander david


    Eye inflammation are usually caused by autoimmune disorders, infection and trauma etc. And blurred vision is one of the symptoms of eye inflammation. You still feel blurred vision because your eye inflammation are not cured. Since most of eye inflammation are caused by bacteria infection, the aim of this treatment is to control inflammation. To achieve it, you can use steroids given as eye drops, injection in or around the eye or intravenously. So, It is OK for you to use eye drops to control it. You shall insist it. And usually, the eye inflammation can be cured as short as a week or several months or even years, depending on the cause. So, you'd better listen to your doctors. Or you can consult another eye doctor in order to get better treatment for your eyes.
  • Matthew baker


    Dear friend, i think you can consider having your eyes checked by another doctor. I never heard that we need to use eye drops for 6 weeks. That's a long time. Or you get the contagious pink eye? I think this kind of eye inflammation may need long time treatment. But you can follow your doctors advice for more days. Meantime, do not rub your eyes because your eyes are easy to be irritated at this moment. And you also need to have a good rest because this will help relieve your symptoms. Hope you will be fine soon!