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What sunglasses are best for cutting the glare on a ski slope?

My sister asked me to go skiing with her next month. Now I am preparing for this trip. Do you guys know any sunglasses that can help cut the glare on a ski slope? I wanna have a good time there but I don' t want my eyes to get hurt.
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  • eagle_tester_3


    When it refers to deal with glares, sunglasses with polarized lenses are the best consideration. From your description, it seems that your sister expected to shield the eyes from glares during some skiing sports. If so, you can suggest her to buy skii goggles with polarized lenses. The goggles can not only shield the eyes from glares, but also protect the eyes from sand and wind during the sports.
  • b3l0ng524nna


    It is better to choose a pair of professional ski goggles when people go skiing. This is because there is strong light reflection and light refraction on the snow field and ski goggles can well protect your eyes from the ultraviolet rays in the light as well as the cold blowing wind when you are skiing. Besides, professional ski goggles are a kind of eye wear especially intended for sports, so the materials that make up the goggles is enduring and even the goggles fall down they will not easily get broken and hurt your eyes. In addition, you had better choose a pair of goggles which can completely cover your eyes so that the wind or light will not easily get in the eyes to make you feel uncomfortable when you are skiing.
  • RJ


    Choosing a good sunglasses that best suit skiing is very important for your performance as well as safety. Sunglasses or goggles with polarized lenses or mirror coatings are most efficient in blocking the glare. Through these two kinds of lenses, you can see things more clearly on the slope when it is sunny. The material of the sunglasses or goggles for ski should be light to make sure that you will not feel uncomfortable after long time of wearing. If you choose a pair of sunglasses, it should fit well around your face to provide protection in all directions. Lenses with anti-fog features should also be taken into consideration. I suggest you to buy sunglasses or goggles for ski in an entity shop where you can try them on and make sure whether they suit you well. Zeal is a professional manufacturer of ski sunglasses and goggles, here is the website: , I hope this will help you.

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