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What's in cucumbers that is good for your eyes?

I am always told that cucumber can be good for my eyes. But I never know why. Does cucumber contain some nutrients that can do good to our eyes? What are they?
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  • chokeyourthroat


    People usually use cucumber slice on the eyes in order to refresh our eyes. Also, cucumber slice is a traditional way to reduce puffy eyes. Besides, it can also soothes the skin around your eyes. And it is easy to do use it. Just cut cucumber into pieces, neither too thin nor thick. Then, put it on your closed eyes for about 10-20 minutes. If you insist doing it everyday, you may get a pair of attractive eyes.
  • Nancy


    Cucumbers are rich in vitamin C which is very helpful in preventing the eyes getting oxydic, aged and degenerated. Besides, there are some charantin contained in the cucumbers which has very good function of anticancer, so eating cucumbers can to some extent prevent the eyes from getting eye canceration. Except for eating cucumbers, you can also cut the cucumber into sliced pieces and put one onto each of your closed eyes for 15 minutes or so, which can supplement vitamins and minerals toyour eyes, making your eyes get rid of fatigue, black circles, wrinkles, dry eyes, and so on.
  • walkerstalker2


    As for the nutrient value of cucumbers, I wonder they do not have some special funtions as more than 90 percent of a cucumber is make up of water. Commonly, we are advised to apply cucumber slices to our eyes to alleviate puffy eyes caused by some dilated tiny vessel around our eyes as you stayed up last night. I assume the reason why slices can work is their hydrating effect. Besides, the lower temperature of the cucumbers can relax our eyes. In general, in order to recover bright and sparkling eyes from eye bags or swollen eyes, it is wise of us to apply some cold agents to the eyes to constrict the vessels. By the way, have a good rest must be the best way to protect your eyes.