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What is good for wrinkles around the eyes?

I am just 24 years old but I already get eye wrinkles, why? Does that mean I am getting older or just mean I don' t protect the skin wround my eyes well? What can i do to make up this?
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  • Jack


    Wrinkles around the eyes can really make people look older. But don't worry, we can deal with this wrinkles. In fact, you can buy wrinkles creams in the market to reduce it. Also, you can also massage the skin around your eyes with almond oil every day before you go to bed. Usually, you can see that it is obviously improved in 2 weeks. Also, wearing eye masks before sleep can also help you reduce wrinkles around the eyes. Hope this help you.
  • Anna


    Well, I think age is not the reason which lead to eye wrinkles. Actually wrinkle around your eyes, which is caused by water shortage. Using too much computer, be short of sleep, fatigue, dry air and dry skin may also lead to wrinkle around eyes. So I suggest you can start to use eye gel, but be careful not too fat, otherwise you can get fat granule. And use mask triple a week. And the most important is have a good rest.
  • Tyler charles


    Your eye wrinkles can be caused by the hydropenia in the eyes, malnutrition in the eyes, overuse of the eyes, and so on. With the increase of the age of people, the cells in the skin around the eyes will easily loss water and nutrients, thus making the skin flappy and dry, that is why the wrinkles come out. To reduce the wrinkles and prevent new wrinkles from appearing, you should supplement much water and nutrients for your eyes. You can apply some eye cream on the skin around the eyes and massage it for several minutes every day, three times per day, especially before you go to sleep. Besides, eat more vegetables and fruits to supplement vitamins and minerals to help metabolism in your eyes. And dairy products and fish can supplement much proteins and fat to your eyes, making the skin smooth. Do not drink or smoke, because it is easy to accelerate the speed of the wrinkles coming out.

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