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What is good for tired eyes?

What can I do to relive my tired eyes? Any good ideas to share with me? I would appreciate a lot if you would love to do so.
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  • Kimberly


    Personally, the best way to relieve tired eyes is sleep. After a good sleep, I can come back again. If don't have too time to sleep, take a nap can also be useful. Also, you can do eye excise to help your eyes. And washing your face with cold water, and using eye drops can also refresh your eyes.
  • evilrain


    Well, I suggest you take a break every one hour and look far into the distance. And use your finger to massage your muscle around your eyes. Also, you can take eyedrops to moisten your eyes. What's more, you can eat some vegetables, like carrot, orange etc.
  • David garcia


    To get rid of tired eyes, you should first of all allow your eyes to have adequate rest and sleep. Do not overuse your eyes continuously for hours without any break. Do not stay up late at night reading or watching TV. Do some eye exercises regularly and use some anti-fatigue eye drops to your eyes. Apply a warm water bag or a piece of warm towel onto each of your closed eyes for about fifteen minutes every day to help the blood transportation in your eyes and relax your optical muscles and nerves. Supplement some necessary vitamins and minerals can also well remove eye tiredness. So eat more vegetables and fruits, and do not drink or smoke to irritate your eyes.

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