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Can i be alone after cataract surgery?

Will it be okay if I am alone after my cataract surgery? Do I need to be taken care of all the time?
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  • cwalsman


    No, you do not have to be taken care of all the time after the cataract surgery, but you should pay more attention in case of decreasing the effects after the surgery. First of all, you should not do heavy work such as holding children or lifting heavy things. Do not bend down to pick up things on the floor, or wash your hair by yourselves. If you have to, you should ask someone else to do it for you. Also, you should not use your hands or handkerchief to rub your eyes. Do not eat hard or irritative foods such as hot pepper, melon seeds and so on. Do not read or watch TV for too long. Besides, avoid coughing. And eat more vegetables and fruits and lie on your back as possible as you can when you are sleeping.