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Vanessa george


Why do we need to blink our eyes?

I know it sounds kinda silly. But I really don' t know why we need to blink our eyes. Is that necessary or just a habit?
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  • hand_in_glove_


    It is a normal physiological phenomenon for every person to blink, and the average blinking frequency of human beings is once in five minutes. When people get nervous or anxious, their blinking frequency will accelerate, but they calm down to usual state, the blinking frequency will recover to the normal speed again. The purpose of blinking is to help clean the eyes with tears and make the optical nerves get relaxed. This is why people who stare at the computer screen for too long will get fatigue and dry eyes, because these people do not blink as much as usually, thus their eyes easily get dry and fatigue due to tired optical nerves and lack of the moist of the tears.
  • Ethan edward


    The main reason we should blink our eyes is for moistening the surface of our eyeball to avoid wrinkles. It is essential to emphasize the importance of eye health and the health hazards of eye dryness. Besides, when we blink, outer edges of our eye lid, acting as windshield wiper, wipe away the dusts and particles attached to our eyelids accidentally. As a result, we can decrease the possibilities of some inflammations by eliminating them at their initial stage. Commonly, we blink spontaneously, like breathing or swallowing, with the precise regulation and control of some area in our brain.