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why do my eyes feel dry all the time?

I always carry a bottle of eye drops because i troubled by dry eyes for about a year. It is really troublesome that i often feel eye dry. Although the eye drops can relieve drye yes, it can't cure dry eyes. I just want to know what causes it? And any idea to cure my dry eyes?
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  • Christian george


    There are many factors that can cause dry eyes feeling. And in common dry eyes is caused by lacking of enough tears to keep your eyes moist. And this problems can be caused by poor tear quality, mucus, or blocked etc. To cure your dry eyes, you shall make appointment with an doctor and take an eye examinationso as to know the causes. You can treat it properly only if you know the causes. Hope you will be OK soon.
  • Geoff


    From your description, your dry eyes may caused by blocked tear ducts. As we know, tears are very important to keep yur eyes moist and prevent our eyes from eye infections. But if we got blocked tear ducts, the tears can go to our eyes so that we feel dry. And common eye drops can only help our eyes moist temporarily. Still, there are other causes for drye eyes such as eye diseases, medication or surgery side effects. So, you'd better consult an eye doctor. Just visit an doctor as soon as possible to treat your dry eyes. Good luck

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