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Christopher giles


Do people with blue eyes see worse?

I have a pair of black eyes. My cousin has a pair of blue eyes. Though they are very beautiful while he always cannot see things clearly. Do the eyesight changes according to different color of the eyes.
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  • Connor


    I don't think the people with blue eyes see worse. Your cousin cannot see things clearly do not mean all the blue eyed people cannot see things clearly. You have made a logic mistake. While vision problems has something to do with genes, age or bad eyes-using habits. your cousin may got the myopia or hyperopia. many blacked eyed people will get this vision problems too.
  • Jacob adams


    I think it’s just a coincidence. Vision differences were not caused by the different color of the eyes. Blue eyed people have less melanin in their eyes so they may get more damage from the sun. While that will cause vision problems in the long run. There shouldn't have any effect on younger people.

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