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why do my contacts hurt my eyes so much

I am a current eyeglasses wearer. I bought a new pair of contacts lenses this week. But they hurt my eyes. I don’t know why. Can you give me some right ways to wear the contacts or some suggestions to avoid hurting?
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  • Kevin


    As you are a new contacts user, I think your problem may lie in the way of using contacts. I can give you some appropriate steps to follow. First, you must Wash your hands with soap. Then remove one contact from its case. At the same time do not forget to check whether it's for your right or left eye. Second, you can place the contact on your index finger. Third, pull your skin away from your eye gently. Fourth, move the contact towards your eye carefully and gently. Fifth, move your fingers off your skin. Seventh, blink slowly for a while.
  • fergus


    Dear friend, if your hands are not clean when you wear you contacts, you may get infected by bacteria. And this may cause your hurting. Next time remember to wash your hands with soap first. If your symptoms get serious, you should consult your eye doctor. Maybe it was caused by allergies or something else. Hope you will be better soon.
  • Rebecca


    Contact lens discomfort is a symptom that something is wrong, and you should always take it seriously.
    Eye pain from contact lens wear is particularly worrisome,because it may mean you are developing a contact lens-related eye infection or other serious problem. So you need to take off your contact lenses firstly and then have a rest and you still do not get better, please visit your eye doctor to check out firstly.
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