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What are causes of eye irritation?

My eyes often feel irritated when I was working. Some people told me that maybe I am allergic to some stuff. While when I am working, I have to touch many things. I don’t know which one caused the irritation? And are there any other reasons for eye irritations.
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  • copelynrose


    Eye irritation can occur for several reasons. Conjunctivitis is a major cause of irritated eyes. And Eye allergies sometimes can cause significant discomfort too. A poor night's sleep can lead to eye irritation. But you can use artificial tears to help soothe your eyes if your symptom is not very serious. They can restore your eye's moisture until your natural film of tears returns. 
  • John Hendry


    I think you can consult your eye doctor for detailed information about your symptoms. If you want to use eye drops to solve this problem, you can consider using artificial tears rather than eye drops. If you are viral or bacterial conjunctivitis, you can avoid it by washing your hands frequently. If you are a computer user, look away from your screen frequently and blink your eyes often. Have enough sleep in the night is also very important. I think the best help you can get is to stick to the regimen your doctor prescribes.