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How to read eyeglass prescription for contacts ?

I want to change my eyeglasses. I think contacts are more convenient and more beautiful. My eye doctor just gives me a prescription list. I don't know what does L:-2.5; R: -2.0 means. As to the cylinder, L: -1.0. Can you tell me what does these mean? Can I find suitable contacts for myself?
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  • cherry_bloss0m


    L: -2.5 means the myopia degree of your left eye is 250. R: -2.0 means the myopia degree of your right eye is 200. As to the cylinder, L: -1.0 means the Astigmatism left eye 100 degrees. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the prescription list, while you can ask your doctor to explain it. And the opticians know what it means too.
  • Trinity rose


    I think the best way is to ask your eye doctor when you got this prescription list. He knows better about your eye conditions and can give your more suggestions. If you forgot that, your opticians can do it for you as long as you provide your prescription too. I cannot understand the prescription too. But as you are an eyeglasses wearer, I think you can find suitable contacts in any eyeglasses shops.