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Why my new eyeglasses feel so weird?

I just had a pair of new prescription glasses. I don’t like it very much, because I feel so weird when wearing them. My eye doctor told me it is because I am not used to the new looking. I will get used to it few weeks later. Really?
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  • Aaron lewis


    Maybe you are just not used to it as your doctor said. Many people will feel awkward when they tried their first glasses. If the glasses are not comfortable for your eyes, you can consult your doctors. The situation may turn good after finding a suitable one. If it makes you look weird, next time you must consider many things when you choose a pair of glasses in the eyeglasses shops. Your favorite color may not be suitable for you. And your face and hair style do really count when choosing the glasses.
  • Zoe


    If you cannot get used to it after a week, I suggest you to see the eye doctor in the morning, because at that time the result of prescription may be more accurate than that in the afternoon. You can also choose another pair of glasses if you do not like this one. There are many kinds of glasses with different functions as well as styles. You can consult your friends for some suggestions. Sometimes the problem is not you face nor the glasses. It is just because your favorite glasses do not match your face.
  • Victor Lee


    Everybody needs time to get used to their new look. You should keep wearing them for about one week to see whether them suit you. If you still feel wired after a week, then you'd better change for another pair or have your eye examed in a morning to see whether the prescription is wrong.