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Jacqueline warren


Why do i see floaters when i look at the sky?

I feel really bad. After work an entire afternoon, i feel eye floaters when i look at the sky. Why? Is it a sign of some eye diseases?
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  • Debbie


    Don't worry, friend. It is a common phenomenon that happens in most people. Usually it often happens when we look at the blank area or blue sky. You are just looking at the sky, so you can see floaters in your vision easily. If there are just a few floaters in your vision, I can tell you that's a common thing to most of us. But if there are lots of floaters in your vision one day, you need to see your doctor.
  • hill


    Hey, you are a hardworking guy. I suggest you to take a break every half an hour. And this will not affect your work but promote your work efficiency. You can do some eye exercise or look at the distance for a few minutes for this can relieve your tired eyes. Eye floaters are noticeable especially when we are looking at blue sky or some white things. Only when there are lots of floaters which affect your vision, it may be a sign of disease.