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Is tv bad for children's eyes?

My little brother is very like to watch TV. I don't want him watch too much TV because i heard that TV screen is bad for the eyes. But my brother said that he has perfect vision and don't think the TV can hurt his eyes. So, What should i do? Is tv really bad for children's eyes? How can i convince him?
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  • Caleb may


    Watching TV for a long time will affect our eyesight. Just like computer screens, TV screen has some reflections too. But if we keep us at a proper distance, it will not cause side effects as computer screens do. You can ask your brother to play with you in the outside, and then he will not watch TV for a long time.
  • Gabriella


    I think TV is bad to children' eyes if they spent too much time on watching it. You can search on the internet to find some examples to prove that watching TV for a long time will do bad to our eyesight. And you can show him the ways suggested on the internet to teach him how to protect our eyesight at the same time. If I were you, I will close the TV so that both of us are not allowed to watch it.