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what are the long term effects of eye infection?

Do you guys know the long term effects of an eye infection?
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  • b0wfing3r


    As far as i know, eye infection can be cured. As long as you cured your eyes, it won't cause any long term effects on your eyes. So, don't worry about it too much. But this is not meaning that you can ignore your eyes if you get infection in cases. If you suffered from eye infection and let it untreated, it will cause bacteria growth can cause badly damages to the eyes. An eye infection not only cause discomfort of eyes, but also threaten vision. So, treat infection eyes immediately if you find it. Just consult your doctor for the sake of your eyes.
  • Jason warren


    What do you mean? You want to just ignore your eye infection? You had better not! If you don' t cure your eye infection in time, you are very likely to get corneal ulcers which can even cause worse results than just an eye infection. Don' t think you can go through it because it is just a common eye infection. It will take a real long time to recover until you take some measures. Lots of people in the world lost their vision because of an eye infection or corneal ulcers. I bet most of them just don' t think of those as a serious problem and just wait for them to recover themselves. This is absolutely stupid, you should know that.
  • Danai P.


    The eye is well protected from infection by the conjunctiva and the corneal epithelium. In addition, the tear film contains antimicrobials while the tear flow itself tends to wash away pathogens. The eye also harbors a host of non-pathogenic bacteria that competitively prohibit new bacteria growth. However, these eye-defenses can be breached by trauma, improper tearing, or contact lens wear and lead to an infection. An eye infection not only threatens vision, but the orbit can act as an entry portal to the rest of the body and infections can progress to systemic involvement, meningitis, and even death.