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What eyeglass frames are in style now ?

What eyeglass frames are in style now ? I need some stylish glasses frames.
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  • Angela tuener


    There are so many different eyeglass frames which are in style these days. round glasses frames are gaining its popularity in recent years. Round frame glasses who are considered as the retro glasses come back to fashion again in recent years and many people follow the trend to get round frame glasses to wear. Rectangle frame glasses are also popular among many people in current days.
  • coloradolicious


    In this years, when it refers to stylish eyeglasses frames, you can considered nerd style glasses that are very popular this year especially for young girls and adult men. The glasses frames can be wear in a cute way, handsome and rock way to match with your clothes properly. Besides, Sometimes, choosing some bright colored glasses frames will also make you surprising.
  • Zachary


    According to the shape of glasses frames, they can be divided into: full frame glasses, semi rimless glasses and rimless glasses. As for the materials, they can be divided into: Metal, Plastic, Titanium, Memory metal and Memory plastic. Titanium,Memory metal,Memory plastic are bendable which are very convenient to adjust according to your own favor. Personally speaking, rectangular big glasses are quite popular and aviator glasses are also a nice choice. When you choose frames, you may pay attention to the following points: first, select an eyeglass frame that is wide enough for your face, but not so wide that it fits too loosely; second, choose a color for your frame that compliments your face and masks the strength of your prescription; last, select a pair of frames that you like.

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