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What are some cool glasses for men?

What styles of glasses do you think look cool on men? I really need your opinion.
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  • Kelly Dalton


    Nowadays there are many cool glasses for men. One of them is the thick black frame glasses which have been in the trend for a long time. This kind of glasses are one of the classic glasses and they come back in trend again these days, which will definitely give men a sense of cool. I've seen many men wearing the thick black framed eyeglasses which always draw people's attention. I think it is a good choice if you wnat to select cool glasses.
  • carolynx66


    I think men in black glasses are very cool. You know, there are many characters in movie like to wear black glasses to be cool. I love that. Besides, some aviator style, wayfarer style glasses also are good choices for men. Yesterday, i also saw a nice men wearing pink glasses, it is also look great. Right now, i am confused which one is the best cool glasses for men. Maybe glasses can be defined as cool as long as people look good with the glasses.

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