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Angelica christian


What are some good eye drops for glaucoma?

My eyes have been diagnosed with narrow-angle chronic glaucoma,What are some good eye drops for glaucoma?
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  • Hunter jackson


    There are many different brands of eye drops that are effective to treat glaucoma. One of them is Alphagan P which is the brand name of a drug called brimonidine. This kind of eye drops can both decrease the amount of fluid and increase drainage of the fluid in the eye, which can help lower eye pressure effectively. There are some other kinds of eye drops that can help treat glaucoma like OptiPranolol and apraclonidine HCI.
  • epyon_rebirth


    Glaucoma is a common eye diseases especially in older people. It is an eye disorder that can lead to blindness or low vision if left untreated. And eye drops for glaucoma is used to lower IOP and to promote effective fluid drainage in the affected eye. And there are several brands of ophthalmic solutions that are effective for glaucoma for example, Alphagan P, Azopt, Betoptic S and Cosopt etc.
  • Melissa duncan


    The common used eye drops are timolol maleate eye drops, brinzolamide eye drops and travoprost eye drops. In general, you should use the first two or one eye drops, if your intraocular pressure can not be controlled under 21mmHg, or if it is under 21mmHg, but your vision is not in progress when you review, at this time, you should plus the rest eye drops. But you should note that when you choose the eye drops, you should be very careful. Because if improperly use some eye drops, it will deepen the problem pf glaucoma. So before you choose the eye drops, you’d better consult a professional ophthalmologist.