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Does Costco take vsp insurance?

Does anyone know if Costo takes VSP insurance?
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  • Katie


    Of course, the Costco take VSP insurance. VSP contracts Costco Optical, Visionworks, and other high quality retail chains. However, what you can take advantage of it. When it comes to the eye exam, there is no copay. However, you need to pay $20 copay for the prescription glasses. As to the frame, you can get $70 allowance at Costco. Moreover, you need to pay up to $60 for the contact lens exam (fitting and evaluation) Moreover, you can get $130 allowance for contacts. For the lenses, lens options, extra savings and discounts, you need to check with Costco. Hope this helpful.
  • Christina nelson


    Some people say Costco doesn't accept VSP insurance because VSP only cover private practice doctors. However you can use your VSP out-of-network benefit at Costco. And I've heard that Costco is an affiliate provider in vsp which means that if you have an eye exam at costco, the staff there will submit your claim for eye exam directly to vsp and you will pay a $10 co-pay for the eye exam with vsp insurance.
  • Bob


    Does Costco accept Vespa insurance
  • Ethan walker


    Dear friend, I heard that Costco doesn't accept any vision insurance. You can use vsp to get reimburse only when you see a vsp provider. You can get a discount with your vsp insurance. And the quality of the frames provided by vsp providers is also very good. I strongly suggest you to have a try. Hope you good luck!
  • gwynnie


    Dear friend, eye doctors can decide which kind of insurance they will accept. The charges also vary from place to place. So you'd better make a call to see whether they accept your insurance or not. Sometimes though the vsp insurance can cover part of your bills, the provider will charge you more money when you use your insurance.
  • everybody_cares


    I have read an text at online that VSP (UC's vision benefits plan), will add Costco as an affiliate provider. That is to say Costco will submit your claim for eyewear purchases and exams directly to VSP. Members will pay a $10 co-pay for eye exams and receive a $110 allowance toward the cost of contact lenses. But i don't know if that true, you'd better consult the stuff of Costco or VSP provider. Good luck.
  • Savannah taylor


    Costco do take vsp insurance. The vsp portion will be deducted from the amount you had to pay. vsp are determined to protect the private practice doctors. So she put all the private practice doctors above costco. If you search the website of vsp and enter it then you can find that costco is at the bottom of the web directory search. You can dial the costco service number to make sure that whether they will accept vsp insurance. Hope you good luck!
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