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can you use eye drops for pink eye for a stye?

i just got this stye yesterday and it seems to get bigger. Would eye drops for pink eye help to relieve it?
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  • cait seb


    although pink eye and a stye are very different infections from each other. Antibiotics that are perscribed for conjunctivitis, are mainly using medicine to kill unwanted bacteria that the eye has been infected with. "pink eye drops", can or may clear your eye stye, because most eye styes are cause by bacteria, or partials such as, eyeshadow, mascara etc.. Pink eye drops will help the discomfort of the stye also, helping swelling and redness of the eye go down. if your stye does not clear up. visit your doctor or if severe visit an emergency room. The doctors will give antibiotics for the severity of the eye, also will most likely be popped or in medical term "drained". try using pink eye drops and if no progress is happening, get a prescription to help.
  • Mackenzie rose


    Usually, For people with pink eyes, doctors often prescribed them with antibiotics eye drop. But there is no evident shows that Antibiotic eye drops will work for styes. So, the affects of using the eye drops for a stye is unknown. Since a stye is sorta like an abcess, the antibiotic will not get in to where the problem is. So, you shall ask eye doctors advices that how to treat your stye.
  • Jonathan


    No. Eye drops are used to treat pink eye not a stye. You should try other ways if you get a stye. A warm compress will help treat your stye effectively. Just place a warm compress on the stye for 10-20 minutes a day. Repeat doing this for several days and the stye will go away little by little. You can also massage your eyelid around your eyes, which will promote blood circulation so that it can help remove the stye.