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how to select prescription sports glasses?

My child need some sports glasses and he is also nearsighted. How should I select prescription sports glasses for him?
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  • bell


    If you need prescription sports glasses, you need to go to have your eyes checked first so that you can get your prescription. Then you can go to any optical store to select your sports glasses. First, choose the style of sports glasses you like best. Then you should determine the meterial of the lens. I suggest you get polycarbonate lens which is more durable than other plastic materials. So this kind of lens is safe to wearers especially children. Besides, the sports glasses should provide 100% UV protection and they must fit your properly.


    Different from prescription glasses, prescription sports glasses are used for sports activities. So, aside from prepare accurate prescription, the glasses are also required with strong and impact resistant features for both glasses frames and lenses. Besides, since some sports usually happen outsides, the sunglasses lenses shall able to protect the eyes from UV rays, glares and reduce strong light. So, polarized lenses are recommended.
  • Marissa edward


    Prescription sports glasses become more and more popular. Getting a pair of suitable sports glasses can make the difference between having an enjoyable sporting experience or a punishing experience. Sports glasses can not only stop dust, wind, snow, rain, and other debris from contacting your eyes but control your visual environment. You should pay attention to the color and material of the glasses. By selecting the correct lens tints you can improve vision in any light condition. Advanced sports glasses lenses correct the distortion normally associated with wrap around glasses. Good luck.

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