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Does ping pong help hand eye coordination?

My hand eye coordination is not good. How can I train that? It is said that ping pong can be good for this, really?
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  • Nicholas


    Yes, playing ping pong can help hand eye coordination. If you suffered from hand eye coordination, you shall develop some sports skills to help you improve hand eye coordination. Sports activities such as ping pong, tennis and racquetball are good options to training your eyes to react to your surrounding faster. As long as you believe it and insist do the exercise, you will improve your hand- eye coordination. Good luck.
  • walkietalkie131


    Yep, I highly recommend you to play ping pong to train your hand eye coordination. But this is not just a simple playing for a while every few days. It totally needs your practicing as often as you can. On one hand, it improves your hand eye coordination, and on the other hand, it also tests your persistence. Besides, when you play, you need to treat it as a real game instead of just playing for fun. If you think like that, you will not try hard so that you will not get the ideal results that you want. On the contrary, you need to focus when playing which can be totally good for your practicing.

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