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Jocelyn david


Is it normal for computer glasses to feel weird at first?

I have been getting headaches and also pain in my neck and upper back and I figured out that I was leaning into my computer. So, I went to get some glasses to help me see the screen better. I just got them today. I feel like I'm looking at the computer from under water.Is this normal? Will I get used to these glasses or does it sound like they're not the right prescription?
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  • 04/13/2012

    It is normal and there will always be an adaption period for any first time glasses or new prescription spectacles. The strengh of your computer glasses should be decided by your prescription, your age, working distance, and whether or not you have single-vision lenses or multi-focal lenses. We suggest you go back to the store and have your glasses checked to see if they process the glasses according to your prescription.
  • emale2222


    There are many reasons that cause you not have right feeling as under the water when wearing the computer glasses. You may not have the right prescription which causes your strange feeling in front of the computers. Or you are not used to the glasses which will cause your feeling as under water. You should go to have the eye exam to check your exact prescription and then take notice of using your eyes.

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