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How to deal with sticky eyes in children?

My kid said that her eyes are very dry. somebody said it is sticky eyes. How to treat that?
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  • Brandon evelyn


    Usually, sticky eyes in children are caused by blocked tear duct. And there is no other treatment that need for the sticky eyes. To avoid sticky eyes, you shall pay attention to the clean of your hands and eyes. Rinse a pieces of soft clothes in warm water, then use it to wash her skin around kids' eyes. Besides, you can also use clean cotton wool for each swab to further clean their eyes. Hope this help.
  • Caleb


    As your child can speak, she must be more than one year old. But as far as I'm concerned, sticky eyes often happen in a newborn baby at his first month with the symptom of a clear, white to yellow discharge at the inner corner of the baby's eye (or eyes). Your daughter told you her eyes are very dry, so I think what your daughter is suffering may not be sticky eyes but dry eyes. Dry eye syndrome often happens with the symptoms of persistent eye dryness, a sensation of burning or scratching in the eye, unclear vision, a gritty or filmy feeling in the eyes and so on. Check your daughter whether she feel any of the above uncomfortable. If she does, you should take her to an eye doctor and check what kind of eye disease she suffers now.
  • Brooke peters


    Sticky eyes are a symptom of conjunctivitis, or pink eye, which is an infection of the eye lining. Prescription treatments are available, and an infusion made with the herb chamomile is a natural remedy for soothing eyes. However, there are also nonchemical methods that will effectively cure this unsightly and irritating condition. Gently clean your kid's eyes with cool water. Wash hands before and after cleaning and always swab the eye from inner corner to outer. Use clean cotton wool for each swab. Some find a squirt of breast milk can also help keep it clean.

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