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Are avatar contact lenses safe to wear?

I saw my friends look cool in avatar contact lenses last year. So, i plan to buy one. But are they safe to wear?
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  • classynottrashy


    To be frankly, avatar contacts are very cool. You can wear it but not in a long time, because we know that avatar contacts are colored contacts. If the colored contacts lenses are qualified, it may be OK for you to wear if you limit the time you wear and keep hygiene. But if they don't have high quality, they may cause the flowing eye problems: 1. Your eyeballs hurt by the pigment layer as it touches the eyeball directly. 2. Narrow your visual field. Some lenses colored too wide to chase the color effects, so it makes the transmittance of light worse. 3. Your cornea will lack of oxygen. This gets to happen if you wear any contact in a long time. 4. Dry eye syndrome because of uncomfortable lenses.
  • Jacob adams


    Indeed, the avatar glasses are pretty cool for wearers. They are the first choices for many fashion lovers. However, coins have two sides. You should take care of yourself when taking the avatar eyeglasses. If the lenses are high quality, that would be fine. Otherwise, many problems would be generated such as the dry eye syndrome. I suggest you not to wear them too much.
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