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Cameron smith


What are creepiest contact lenses for Halloween?

I heard somebody see creepiest contact lenses for Halloween. So, what are creepiest contact lenses ?
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  • evilbunny1369


    It is quite fun to see people get freaked by creepy contact lenses you wear. Some common creepy contact lenses are Vampire Black Out , Manson, Green Ghoul, witches, ghouls and animals and Blind special effects contacts. You should choose different types of contacts based on your costume. When you are wearing them, remember to follow the directions for eye safety and any contacts you use should be FDA Approved.
  • Kristy


    Creepiest contact lenses are these contacts that have attractive colors and they look very strange. The ten top creepiest and weirdest contact lenses are Vampire red lenses, Cat's eyes, "The ripper", Radiation sign lenses, Sharingan Lenses, Manson Lenses, Hello Kitty Lenses, Hypnotic Lenses, Pentagram (pentacle) lenses and Black Sclera Lenses. When people make up and wear these contacts, they look very strange. You can have a look at this site.
  • Sarah Gold


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