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How long will the results of laser eye surgery last?

How long does the reslut of laser eye surgery last? Now I am still hesitated if I should have this kind of surgery.
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  • Nancy


    Technically, the result of laser eye surgery can last forever. Most eye doctor claimed that a successful laser eye surgery can cure myopia. But personally, if you don't have very poor vision, you needn't take laser eye surgery. Anyway, it is risks to take laser eye surgery. Besides, even if you get successful laser eye surgery, you still probably get dry eyes. One of my friend took the surgery two years ago. And after the surgery, he got dry eyes, The eye doctor told him that dry eyes is the common post- surgery symptoms. But till now, he is bothered by dry eyes.
  • Otis Crockett


    Well, it is hard to say. This not only depends on how your protect your vision after that surgery but also your age. You have to know that, with your age going on, your vision will change a lot. A lot of people who enters 40 begin to have longsightedness, which is just as annoying as nearsightedness. You should understand that.