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Can you clean glasses with contact solution?

Have you guys ever heard of cleaning glasses with contact solution? Is this effective?
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  • etje


    Technically, you can use contact solution to clean your eyeglasses. But i never do that. So, i am not sure it is work. But why you clean your eyeglasses with contact lenses. If your eyeglasses get dirt, you can use soap water to clean it. It is OK and won't damage your eyeglasses. And it is effective to clean your eyeglasses. I often do that. Now, i still wear my old eyeglasses. They look as clear as new pair.
  • Pete


    You can use contact solution to clean your eyeglasses, however, it does not have a great effective. Conatct solution contains preservatives such as thiomersal, benzalkonium chloride, and benzyl alcohol, which are good at killing proyein and keeing lens fresh. Eye glasses should be cleaned in eyes center. The professional workers can help you with special mechcine and water.
  • Victor


    I think Cleaning with contact solution is not a good choice for you since contact solution is not made for eyeglasses. Your first choice for cleaning your lenses should be microfiber cloths. They remove grease and moisture without scratching your glasses or leaving marks. For regular cleaning, first place your lenses under running water to remove dust and rough debris. Next, add a pH-neutral dishwashing detergent to the water and gently dry the lenses with a microfiber cloth (never rub hard). Practical tools for your daily eyewear care include a special lens cleaning cloth, cleaning spray or pre-moistened lens towelettes. These will clean your lenses safely, thoroughly and will offer some anti-static effect, which helps your glasses stay clear longer because they do not collect as much dust and debris. - See more at:
  • Megan W


    Well, in my opinion, it is ok to clean eyeglasses with contact solution. And so you do not need to worry about it. And in details, you can just first, take off your eyeglasses, and put on the table gently. And then, you need to spray the lenses with a cleaning solution made especially for lenses with anti-scratch coating and rub lenses with the same cloth to remove stubborn smudges if necessary. In that way, it will just clean the dirty objects on the lenses. Of course, you can just purchase lens cleaning solution at your optometrist or common drugstore. And it can be effective.