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Can saliva cause eye infection?

I heard that saliva can cause eye infection quite easily. Is this real? How does this happen?
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  • Jade james


    No, it is not quite impossible that saliva would lead to eye infection. Ninety-nine percent of the salive of human beings is water, and it also contains some amylase and lysozyme which can help people digest the foods and which has the bactericidal effects. Therefore, generally speaking saliva will not cause eye infection. If you get some saliva in your eyes, yon can just use pelnty of clean flowing water to wash your eyes clean.
  • Austin gerard


    Well, in my opinion, it is impossible to have eye infection because of using saliva. As we know that one of the primary benefits of using saliva in the eyes is that it can help people with dry eyes to increase moisture. And what is more, saliva used in this way can also improve the eyesight and prevent further dry eyes damage. As we know that dry eyes can be kind of annoying and dangerous, for it can cause serious corneal damage and may even result in blindness if allowed to continue or worsen without effective treatments. And at that moment, saliva can be used to treat this situation, leading to better result. And there is no eye infection left in your eyes.