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Heather Kirk


Can I wear contacts when I have pink eyes?

I have pink eyes, but I have to wear contacts for my work doesn't permit me to wear eyeglasses! Will my eyes be hurt if I wear contacts when I have pink eyes?
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  • Rebecca


    You'd better remove your contact lenses and rest your eyes. Mild pinkeye can be caused by solutions used for cleaning contacts. Rinse contacts well after cleaning. If this is not enough to stop your pinkeye, you may need to change your contact solution or your contacts.
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    I heart from one of my friend who had pink eyes that if you wear contacts when you have pink eyes, your contact would be infected and will not be used anymore! Pink eye disease would irritate the contacts and the germs would infect the contacts and your contact would be unusable.
  • Brook Park


    It is not suggested to continue wearing contacts when you have pink eyes. In this period, your eyes are easily infected and your contacts may irritate it more. You should wear your regular eyeglasses in the process of pink eyes healing until it gets fully recovered.
  • Karen


    Pink eyes will spread fast and if you have any infections in your eyes, you should not wear contacts until this disease get recovered. In the meanwhile, you should keep the lenses in the clean container, and wash your hands clean before wear them.
  • Cary Green


    Feel free to wear your contacts if you don't feel anything unpleasant. But stop wearing them, if you are uncomfortable.
  • Lauren Bright


    Yes you can