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Gabriel peters


Do I need a pair of glasses because I can see well with my brother's glasses?

I have a perfect vision I thought, but recently when I wore my brother's glasses I can still see very clearly. Does this mean that I need a pair of glasses too? I heart that people with perfect vision see things blur when wearing prescription glasses! Help...
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  • Savannah


    Many people know that they need glasses after they have seen perfectly through other's glasses! I suggest you to have your eyes tested to get your prescription and have the glasses made with your correct prescription.
  • Jason


    It depends! If the prescription on your brother's glasses is not so strong, you may not see things blur. If you can see more clearly wearing your brother's glasses compared with see thing without wearing glasses, then you need to have your eyes examined to get a pair of glasses based on your prescription. But if there is no visible difference from wearing glasses or not, the prescription on your brother's glasses is not so strong and your vision is good. There is no need for you to have a pair of glasses!
  • Ethan edward


    I care much about my eyes and vision problem, if I were you, I will have my eyes examined at my eye doctor. If you have health insurance, sometimes that will cover some or most of the cost.
  • scott burnham


    Chances are your vision isn't as good as you thought it was and you need to wear glasses yourself. If you can see things clearer with your brothers glasses than you probably need them too.

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