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William clive


Why do my son watches/ listens with head turned?

I noticed my little son only 8 year old always watches TV or listens with head turned to left and using her right ear to hear and right eye to see. I have brought him to the eye doctor to have his ears and eyes checked. There were no problem with his ear. His right eye was 25, while the left was 20- but could that small of a vision difference be why he turns his head?
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  • evil_bastardpdx


    He could have some kind of binocular vision problem. His right and left eye may not work together properly, that is to say that his right & left eye are unable to aim/ focus together at one time. Turning his head may be a way to block off his left eye. Normally two eyes are better than one. However if they are not both aiming together or focusing together, one eye may be better than two.
  • Olavi


    It has nothing to do with his prescription. It would be suggested to take him to professional Pediatrics Ophthalmologist to have his eyes examined. BTW, can he use his right hand & left hand normally? If not, maybe some problem with the control of his left brain & right brain?

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