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Why I can stare at the sun for long time but nothing happens and I still feel alright?

As I was a little child I found that I could stare at the sun for long time and after looked at it, my eyes get nothing hurt and feel alright. Few years have past, and I still can do this and still don't feel nothing wrong. My eyes are different from others? Or I have already get hurt but I don't know?
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  • Aaron


    Stop staring at the sun! You are so lucky but it doesn't mean that it won't hurt your eyes forever. The strong vision and UV may cause permanent blind. Solar retinopathy does exist. Even if you don't lose your vision some day when you do this a little bit wrong, you are doing damage that adds up from any UV exposure.
  • Nicholas campbell


    Do you staring at the sun when the sunset? I guess nobody can stare at the sun of midday!
  • Brandon


    You should have your eyes examined to see if it have already been hurt by the strong light. Sometimes, vision problem doesn't appear right after the harm.