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Where to buy black glasses like ugly betty's?

Do you know the black glasses like ugly betty wears? Can you tell me where can i find it?
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  • david


    Well, I think warmalt is your best choice. As we all known, walmart is a super outlet store and online shop which provide the largest selection of electronics, home furnishings, video games, baby gear and more. Shop online and save money to live better is walmart's slogan. Just as walmart's slogan, you can buy anything on walmart at a deep discount and good quality and great customer service. Many friends who around me like buying stars' style glasses at walmart and they told me that all kinds of stars glasses can be bought at walmart outlet vision center or walmart official website. So Ugly betty style also can be found on walmart site. I found 4432 results for "black glasses like ugly betty wear" in All Departments on walmart site. From the complete first season to the complete fourth season, all styles Betty weras can be found on it. Meanwhile the prices are $14.96.
  • catgay2005


    Well, it seems that you are quite into the type of glasses Betty wears in the TV series. So, from what I know, the type of glasses she wears is called nerd glasses, with red frames. which could be commonly seen around us. Actually, nowadays, nerd glasses is so popular that you could easily find lots of them at every optical stores. Perhaps you would like to have a look at Walmart vision center, also a good option.

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