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Can high cholesterol cause blurry vision?

I heard that high cholesterol can cause blurry vision. Is that true? If so, why?
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  • Emma


    High cholesterol will not affect your vision directly, but it can increase the risk for damage your eyesight. High cholesterol may prevents blood from reaching your brain, which will cause you have blurry vision or loss vision in one or both eyes. Contact your doctor with any change in your vision if you have high cholesterol to prevent your health condition become worse.
  • Larry S


    Well, yes, high cholesterol can lead to blurry vision. First, you should know that high cholesterol is characterized by the presence in the bloodstream of abnormally high total cholesterol. So in this situation, you may suffer some eye diseases in your eyes, such as blurry vision. Also, it can be related to diabetes and high blood pressure. So it is possible to have bloodshot eyes and eye strains. According to some experts, vascular disease of the eye is a concern in individuals with high cholesterol. So just be careful about it your eyes, or it can be dangerous. Anyway, with high cholesterol, you may need to control it by using some medicals. Of course, you should go and see the doctor.

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