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Jack percy


Is there a cure for iritis?

Do you guys know any ways to cure iritis? Or do I need to go to an eye doctor?
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  • Cassy


    Yes, it is necessary to go to see the doctor. Many reasons can cause iritis, such as injury, infection and some certain diseases. If you have the bellow symptoms, you shall concern if you also duffer eye pain, light sensitivity, red eye, blurrry vision and headache. Although iritis is a eye disease which is chronic and recurrent, it still has way to cure. When you go outside, you had better wear sunglasses to alleviate pain. You can take eye drops to relieve eye pain too.
  • cajunbel29


    Yea, you had better go to consult an eye doctor, especially when you have such symptoms present as eye pain, including pain associated with bright light, blurred vision and redness in the eye, especially near the iris. To cure iritis, you need to visit your eye doctor frequently and take prescription medications that your eye doctor prescribes. Medications in the form of eye drops or pills can widen the pupil and prevent spasm of the iris muscles, hence allowing for the promotion of the process of healing and helping decrease the pain in the eye. In severe cases where the iritis is caused due to virus or bacteria, systemic steroids may be needed to decrease the inflammation of the iritis. Also you can take some mild analgesics sucha as acetaminophen or ibuprofen to relieve the discomfort. If you feel eye pain under the light, wear dark glasses to avoid it. Wish you recover soon.