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William clive


What do horn rimmed glasses look like?

What do horn rimmed glasses look like? When I use image seach in Google and saw many different glasses, so still I don't know what it's look like. What is the characerized style for horn rimmed glasses?
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  • Alexia gerard


    The main differences between horn rimmed glasses and common eyeglasses frames is their materials. Horn rimmed eyeglasses frames are original made of real horn or tortoise shell from animals. But right now, instead of horns and shell from animal, people use plastic that look like animals' horn and shell to make glasses frames. And you can search johnn deep's glasses, most of his plastic glasses are horn rimmed glasses frames. Now, modern horn rimmed glasses can be round shape, rectangular shape or square shaped.
  • Kyle owen


    In the early time, horn rimmed glasses are made of horn or tortoise shell. Nowadays, the horn rimmed glasses frames are made of thick plastic frames with the same color and texture as horn. Horn rimmed glasses make bold appearance on the wearer's face in order to draw attention. Now horn rimmed glasses are one of the most popular eyeglasses in fashion field. They are suitable for both men and women. If you like, you can get cheap horm rimmed eyeglasses online.