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Hunter jackson


How to get free prescription eyeglasses for low income people?

I think I need new prescription glasses now because I can't see fine with my current glasses. But I have a low income. How can I get free prescription eyeglasses?
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  • Nathan


    There are some different charity organizationsor reputable optical retailers provide free eyeglasses for those people with low incomes. A program called One Sight is sponsored by Lenscrafters. In this program Lanscrafters provide free eyeglasses for those income people. The Lions Club has been running a program called SightFirst through its branches in order to help people in need. They also provide free eyeglasses for low income people. 07/04/2012
  • Jocelyn griffin


    There are several ways for getting free prescription eyeglasses. There are currently quite a few programs sponsored by different non-profit or charity organizations that provide free eyeglasses for certain groups of people, including the needy, the disabled, students, seniors, and low income people. Falling into one of these groups, people who need help from prescription eyeglasses can probably resort to the following sources to get a free pair. Sight for Students: Firmoo Online Optical Store Special Offers: New Eyes for the Needy: Again, Some emerging local eyewear stores or online ones may distribute coupons for low-cost or free eyeglasses, in order to attract customers. It is possible to find related information at some websites like


    I will have a an answer as soon as my need for free prescription glasses has been answered.

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