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Can I wear pink glasses if I have dark complexion?

I have a dark complexion and I wonder if I can wear pink glasses? If not, what glasses color should I get?
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  • Melissa


    I don't think pink glasses will suit you if you have dark complexion. pink glasses are suitable for people who have fair skin. People with dark complexion can wear glasses in silver, black, blue, gray and purple. What's more, hair color is another factor you should take into count when you choose the frame color. If you have black or light blond hair, you'd better choose frames in lighgter colors, such as light blue, pink, amber and gray. If you have brown or dark blond hair, glasses in the tan, brown, khaki, and gold would suit you fine.
  • hanes3777


    Yes, you can try pink glasses. Usually, people like to wear glasses with the color that similar to their skin color. But Sometimes, wearing bright colored glasses that contrast your skin color can give you a striking look. Aside from pink colored eyeglasses, silver glasses , black eyeglasses, blue glasses, gray and purple glasses frames are also good choices for people who with dark complexion. Just try yourself.