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Window cleaner in my eye,what to do?

I get a bit of window cleaner in my eyes. Will it cause serious eye damages? What shall i do now?
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  • en_liten_glimt


    When you get window cleaner or something like that into your eyes, you should first of all use clean flowing water to wash it out of your eyes. If you still feel there are remaining cleaner in your eyes, you can fill a wahbasin with clean water and dip your head into the washbasin making your eyes open so as to be soaked by the water, then you rotate your eyeballs, and also you can use your hands in the water to turn your eyelids making the inside of the eyes completely washed. Be careful that you should not overexert in case of hurting your eyes again. After that, use clean facial tissue to wipe dry your face and eyes, and also be careful not to overexert on your eyes. In addition, in case of acute inflammation, you can go to the ophthalmology and use some antibiotic eye drops to apply in your eyes. Do not rub your eyes, and avoid strong lights.
  • Kelsey McNew


    It is so bad and dangerous for you to get a bit of window cleaner in your eyes which may cause serious eye damages. You need to wash it out of your eyes fully with the clean water. Then you could use the clean cloth to dry the eyes. Then you could also use the eye drops to moisture the eyes and clear the eyes. You need to protect the eyes and not do this by mistake next time.
  • carl


    Well, generally speaking, you should not be too worried about your eyes, unless you do not have taken some measures. In common, window cleaner contain some chemicals which can just irritate your eyes. And in that way, your eyes will be irritated, and then red eyes and itchy eyes can be possible. So in my opinion, you need to have some treatments, when the accident occurs. For example, you can just have some pure and cool water over your eyes, especially with soft cloth. And just wipe it frequently. And wash your eyes with water again. Finally, of course, you can have some eye drops to relieve your eyes.

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