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Riley eddy


What should i do to prepare for lasik ?

I want to have a lasik eye surgery to correct my vision. So, What can i do right now to prepare for the surgery? Please, can you give me some suggestion?
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  • Brittany


    First of all, you need to know if you can have lasik surgery.Here are the people who are not allowed to have lasik surgery: 1.Patients of keratoconus,glaucoma, diabetes, ocular fundus diseases, and autoimmune diseases. 2.Patients of inflammation in conjunctiva, cornea,eyelids and tear glands. 3.Pregnant women and breastfeeding women 4.Patients of mental diseases who are taking medicines When you are sure you can receive lasik surgery, you need to prepare yourself in these aspects: 1.Drip antibiotic eyedrops once a hour at least a day before surgery. If you begin to drip eyedrops 3 days before, you may just drip them four times a day. 2.Wash your hair, take a shower and cut fingernails the day before surgery. 3.No makeup, perfume or hair spray on the day of surgery. 4.Find someone to go with you and take care of you after surgery.
  • evilbunny1369


    Yes, you need to do some preparations for the surgery of lasik eye. You should not use the eyes in front of the computers and have the good rest for the eyes. You should not wear the contact lenses before the lasik eye surgery. This is the very important suggestion. You must have the good rest for the nacked eyes and have the test to see whether you are suitable to do the lasik eye surgery.
  • Brandon cook


    First of all, you should be eighteen years old to fifty years old, so that you can take the lasik surgery. Then your myopia degrees in the recent two years should be stable on the condition of 150 to 2000 degrees' nearsightedness, 100 to 400 degrees' astigmatism, or 200 to 800 degrees' farsightedness. If you are eligible to these two preconditions, then you can go to the hospital to take a series of strick examinations and the doctor will tell you whether you are suitable to take a lasik surgery or not. If you are told that you can take the lasik surgery, then you should following these rules. First of all, you should not stay up late at the night before the surgery, and just rest, and you had better take a shower the night before the surgery. Secondly, if you wear soft eye contact lenses, you must stop wearing them a week before the surgery, if hard eye contact lenses, then stop at least two weeks before the surgery. Thirdly, you should apply antibiotic eye drops three or five days before the surgery. And on the day of surgery, you should not wear any perfume or makeup. Last but not least, you can take imitative fixationexercises with one minute each time.

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