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Does pinguecula cause headaches?

Is pinguecula a serious diseases? Is it possible to cause headaches because of pinguecula?
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  • manny


    Pinguecula is a common type of eye disease, which appears as a small, yellowish nodule on the conjunctiva at near nose side and elder people are more easily get pinguecula than young adults. But it's not been found that pinguecula can cause headaches. Your headaches may be caused by other problem.
  • Anthony cecil


    No, it isn't. A pinguecula is a common, benign yellowish growth of the mucous membrane that lines the eyeball and underside conjunctiva. It can be found in the open space between our eyelids, which also happens to be the area exposed to the sun.The damage of conjunctiva can lead to a pinguecula. But it is impossible to cause headaches.
  • Kaylee


    A pinguecula is a small, yellowish nodule on the conjunctiva near the cornea. A pinguecula is a common type of conjunctival degeneration in the eye. The symptoms of Pingueculae include irritation, inflammation and a feeling that there is a foreign object in your eye. Pinguecula can cause headaches indeed. Because it does bad effects on nerves that control our brain and eye movements. Be careful.

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